Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Invisible Girl

      One day I was walking on the snow trail in our pasture when a beam of light surrounded me. I waited, shocked. After about three minutes it disappeared. I was invisible, but I didn’t know it.

      I went inside to get a cold drink, and to tell mom what happened. When I opened the door to the computer room where mom was she screamed and looked at the open door terrified. “Mom, what is it?” I said. “Where are you?” She said. I'm right here. It was then I realized that I was invisible.

      I walked out of the room pondering what I should do. Music helps me think! I thought. I sat down at the piano and played Book of Mormon Stories. But, when the baby heard, she came down to play, too. When Lily saw me(or didn’t see me)she started whimpering in fear. I stopped playing to comfort my sister, but when I hugged her she just started to cry out loud. Then I gave up all effort to make her happy and went up stairs to talk to Sam about it.
      Soon, Sam had told every body my story, but I could still scare them pretty bad. For instance one time I crept up on Wyatt when he was reading a book, I tickled him. Well, he jumped three feet high, giggling harder than I thought was possible. At lunch time I crawled under the table and, from under neath, stole some of Sam's ham. He didn’t notice at all.

      It was great being invisible, but it only lasted till the next day. I was very disappointed when I could see myself in the mirror. When I went down to breakfast mom saw me and said, “You're back!” “Yes,” I said, “I’m back.”

The end.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Flit Flat

Oh, flit, oh flat
I want to find my cat.
He's not in the park,
too much bark.
He's not on the roof,
I have proof!
He's not under the table,
or in the ladle.
Oh, flit, oh flat, 
I can't find my cat.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Ice Cream

My favorite kind of ice cream comes in a one gallon bucket, it is chocolate, it has marshmallows, and it has brownies. It is called Brownies on the Moon.
I  want to eat it every day.  

Wednesday, January 2, 2013


My name is Abby, but mom calls me Doodle. I'm ten [almost eleven].
I have sandy blond hair, and I'm too talll.
I am the oldest of three boys, and one girl.
First boy is Sam, second is Wyatt, third is Ethan.The only girl [besides me] is Lily.
We all have blue eyes.